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Patient Handouts
Interstitial Cystitis

 Potassium Sensitivity Test-
Potassium sensitivity test involves introducing into the bladder two sterile solutions via injection
into a urethral catheter. Both water and potassium solutions are injected separately into the catheter
and then comparisons are made based on whether or not the patient feels any pain, burning or
other discomfort while the solution remains in the bladder or afterwards. If a patient has IC, they
often develop the same pain, urgency, or discomfort they feel on a recurring basis because of the
After the test, the bladder is irrigated, and then a therapeutic solution is installed to help with
bladder discomfort. You may be seen weekly for therapeutic installations if the test is positive,
along with medical therapy.

 Annual Exam-
An annual exam is a once-a-year visit to your physician for a general well health check, including a breast exam and pap smear. An annual exam visit does not include discussion of new problems or detailed review of chronic conditions. Annual exams are also called routine check-up, yearly exam, annual pap, and preventive visit.
 What to expect at an annual exam: a general physical exam (including breast exam), pelvic exam (pap smear), update of life and work situation, update of family health history, review of your health history, update of current medications, herbs, vitamins and supplements (always bring up-to-date list with medication name and dose), need for medication refills, evaluation of need for health screening tests based on age and personal and family history (such as mammogram, test for sexually transmitted diseases and colon cancer screening).
What happens if you have a new health problem when you come for your annual exam:  You and your provider will need to decide whether to use the time that day to address your problem, in which case your annual exam visit can be rescheduled. Or you may choose to go ahead with your annual exam, and to defer the health concern to another visit. Scheduled appointment times do not allow for both, it will be at the discretion of the physician if there is enough time to do both.
Insurance Coverage Issues-
Please check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for yearly preventive medicine visits or women's health pap/pelvic/breast exam. Different insurance policies have different rules for preventive care coverage. Most insurance companies allow for only one annual exam per 12-month period (and some will not pay for a visit even a few days before the year is up).
Medicare Issues-
Medicare covers paps every two years, mammograms every year, colon cancer screening, and routine vaccinations. If you are considered high risk, Medicare will pay for annual pap smear. Medicare does not cover routine annual exams. You may choose to pay for routine physicals and tests out-of-pocket. 

What to Bring:
You will need to bring the following items to your visit: Insurance card(s), Driver’s license or other photo identification. List of current medications and dosages to every visit. Any pertinent medical records or test results.  Co-payment is due at time of appointment. A Referral/Authorization if required by your insurance Please be aware:  By law, minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

 New and/or Established Patients
Schedule your appointment:  the receptionist will gather information about your needs to ensure enough time is allotted for your visit.
New Patients:  You can save time by printing and completing the new patient paperwork prior to your first visit. Bring them with you to your first appointment.
-New GYN Patient Registration Form
-Medical Records Release Forms
New patients please arrive at least 30 minutes early if you haven’t downloaded and completed paperwork and 10 minutes early if completed.  Established patients please arrive 10 minutes early so you can fill out any new forms needed and make sure everything is up-to-date with insurance and referrals. Thank you for your assistance in completing this information. We look forward to seeing you on the day of your appointment!  Please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time. Patients who arrive more than 15 minutes after their scheduled time will be worked into the schedule and seen as soon as possible; but there may be a lengthy wait. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance so we may use those times to schedule appointment for other patients.

Cancellation Policy 
If you fail to cancel 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled appointment or DON'T SHOW up for a scheduled appointment, you may be subject to a $30 cancellation fee.  NO-SHOWS for NEW PATIENT appointments or failure to cancel 48 hours or more prior to scheduled appointment may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.  Exceptions for EMERGENCIES will be considered on an individual basis.

Renewals are handled 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Thursday.  Please allow 3 business days for refill requests to be processed. Contact your pharmacy 72 hours prior to running out of your medication and they will contact our office for approval. Please DO NOT WAIT until you run out of medication or the weekend.  We recommend checking your medication supply prior to vacations, holidays, and weekends to insure you are covered.   New prescriptions please contact the office directly.   Antibiotics will not be prescribed without being seen by a doctor.   Narcotics will not be prescribed without being seen by a doctor.  We refer patients who require long term narcotic medication therapy to a Pain Management Specialist.

 Obtaining Lab Results
It is important to us that you fully understand the results of your tests and the recommendations and treatment plans that may be necessary. While results for routine screenings may sometimes be delivered over the phone,  most of your test results will be discussed in person between you and your doctor. This allows you the opportunity to discuss the results in detail with your doctor without feeling rushed or distracted. You will be able to ask questions, discuss any follow-up plans that may be necessary and have the assurance that you are receiving the care you need. If you have an appointment already scheduled, you may discuss the results with your provider at that time.

You may receive a phone message to make an appointment to receive your test results, please call 623-561-1151.

If you have received an automated telephone call informing you that your results are available via telephone (MedVoice) or online, please follow the instructions below:
Call: 480-675-5239
Dial “1” for English
Dial Your 9 Digit I.D. Number (SS# or D.O.B. +0)
Listen To The Entire Message
After Listening Dial “1” To Replay and Dial “2” To Erase

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the receptionist who will check you in at the front desk and will gather any information needed. She will then ask you to sit in the lobby and enjoy a magazine, or the medical news station. When the Medical Assistant calls you back for your appointment she will obtain your weight and blood pressure and then show you to a warm and inviting room to get any other information she needs, and then leave you to relax while you wait for your doctor. Your doctor will greet you in a friendly manner and attentively listen to your concerns, examine you, and then educate you on your health and what possible treatments, if needed, are available to you. Once you are finished with your exam and have discussed all of your concerns with the doctor, you can begin the checkout process. The staff will give you any consents for signature or literature recommended by the doctor, lab and radiology referral papers, draw blood or give injections if indicated, and any medical referrals needed.  They will take care of your billing needs and make your follow-up appointment. We hope your visit was comfortable. 

Financial Policy 
Just like all medical offices, all professional services rendered are charged to you, the patient, and you are responsible for all fees, regardless of insurance coverage.  We are sure you understand that it is customary for payment to be made when services are rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance with an office manager.  All co-pays are due the day of your appointment.  As is customary, reasonable late fees or collections fees may be assessed in the event of late payment or non-payment of balance.
If your insurance requires a referral, please be sure to request one from your primary care doctor before your visit.  It is important to know and understand your benefits and coverage so you are not faced with any financial surprises.  When you have no insurance and are paying out of pocket, we offer substantial discounts.
To make things easier for everyone involved, when you sign the financial policy we give you upon your first visit, you acknowledge that payment of authorized Medicare/insurance company benefits be made either to you or on your behalf to Drs. Solomon and Strobl for any services furnished to you by that party who accepts assignment/physician.  Regulations pertaining to Medicare assignments of benefits apply.
Our office staff will work with all patients to obtain the necessary prior authorizations for services such as surgery, diagnostic tests, colposcopy, and imaging (ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc) to name a few.

Laboratory Costs 
Charges for all Laboratory Studies or blood work obtained in our office are the PATIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY! We have no control over what your insurance does and does not cover! Providers order tests based on what we feel is medically appropriate.  Insurance companies don't always agree.